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SDI Solutions

Secure Diagnostic Imaging Corporation provides complete solutions to your teleophthalmology needs.  Our software enables the capturing, transmission, review and diagnosis of retinal images from and to anywhere in the world.  There are three main components which enable the SDI client/server solution.

SDI ImagePackager

The SDI ImagePackager software is installed on to the referring physicians imaging computer. The SDI ImagePackager allows referring physicians to access image files saved on any imaging computer (color, fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, ultrasound, red free) drag and drop them in to the SDI ImagePackager. The SDI ImagePackager then renames the files according the SDI protocol and packages them into a single, secure, compressed file.

SDI SecureServer

The SDI Secureserver features 128-bit encryption, with password protection which is compliant with the Health Information Act.  SDI Secureserver receives all image packager uploads, validates the incoming file utilizing a secure checksum algorithm, decompresses them, sorts them by image field and image type, then enables grading of the images utilizing research grading protocols.  In addition, the SDI Secureserver links with the SDI StereoViewer to allow synchronized stereoscopic digital viewing of the retina.

SDI Stereoviewer

The SDI StereoViewer is a specialized, stereo-enabled web-application linked directly to the SDI SecureServer.  SDI StereoViewer automatically downloads and opens any image set being graded by the consultant.  The SDI StereoViewer enables the user to view the images as auto-aligned stereo pairs.  The user is also able to calibrate and measure retinal features such as CSME, percent classic versus occult choroidal neovascularization.